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Exmouth Market

January 9th 2013

What: Exmouth Market
When: Monday to Sunday (Food Market: Monday to Friday 12noon to 3pm)
Where: Clerkenwell

Exmouth Market

Exmouth market is a new find for us. "New find???" I hear the veterans of the city snort but hey, we're learning something new every day. This one was brought to our attention by the guys over at Bon Vivant on Twitter. Although the market itself is a bit of a trek from any tube station and Angel or Farringdon are your best bets but getting there is a pleasure. There are a whole load of independent stores, no Gap or Starbucks over here  - from the small Japanese restaurant to tapas bar Morito, to the various health and beauty stores. At most of the food places you can sit al fresco if the impending cold front from Siberia does not frighten you. The market really comes alive when the lunchtime market opens at 12 noon though. This only used to be open on Thursdays and Fridays (still the busiest days) but I guess the hungry folk from neighbouring Mount Pleasant post office forced the stall holders to re-prioritise their objectives. No one describes the food stalls as well as the official website here - from European crepes to Ghanaian spinach to a Jewish deli, there's something for every palate. Paradoxically, the reason the market is probably not as popular amongst Londoners is that the food market is not open during the weekends and you really have to be in the vicinity to witness it during weekday lunchtimes.



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