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Waterloo Body Station

January 17th 2013

What: Waterloo Body Station
When: 9.30 - 7 most days, closed Sunday
Where: 103 Lower Marsh, SE1

Image courtesy of Video Jug

With the dropping mercury comes all types of nasties - colds, flus and various ailments. In fact this year a special strand called the norovirus, with the noro preceding the virus as if to denote this is a special case, not one to be sniffed (no pun) at. What to do? There is no cure for the common cold so do not be taken in by the various medicines and products on offer. If you do choose to buy something just to make yourself feel better and don't wish to go for the mass produced products that Boots offers, try the Waterloo Body Station. All the products on offer here are organic and naturally made in the UK and they don't only cater for colds. They do skin care products, soaps and candles and most interestingly they offer acupunctures, massages, facials, waxing and the lot with even a lunchtime treatment between 10am and 2pm just in case your dragon boss is stressing you and you need a shiatsu. 

*RIP to the pilot and the other victim of yesterday's crash in Vauxhall

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