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Men's Fashion: Suits

January 27th 2013

What: The Men's Fashion Edition: Suits
When: NA
Where: Georges, Luke's, Suit Supply and Mark Stephen Marengo

LA Reid always represents with his suits                           Image courtesy of Digital Spy

For those unfortunate enough to be chained to a desk from 9 to 5 every day, you may also suffer the added inconvenience of having to wear a suit. Some generous places of work proffer the odd Friday to free you from the shackles of the suit and wear your own "mufti". However, this presents a myriad of looks and issues, and not all of them are favourable. Some female colleagues harken back to their glory days of the 70's when dressing up like Cher made you the envy of your friends, some guys come to work looking like Rab Nesbitt with tops barely covering over indulged stomachs and others simply seize the day as their time to shine and end up looking like Django in his valet outfit.  Thus was borne the idea for this week’s round of Daily Ideas. We start with suits - unfortunately there is a proliferation of bad suits on the tube - there apparently doesn't seem to be a middle ground, either one goes to Zara or Next for a very ill-fitting suit or they go bespoke on Savile Row for 2k and above. But the next two places I'm about to propose are in Canning Town and Haringey, two neighbourhoods more used to police sirens than Savile Row. Luke's Bespoke in Plaistow is truly bespoke tailoring - ignore the b*stardisation of the word by charlatans such as Moss Bros - Luke's is not subject to the rents paid by the Savile Row tailors which means that your suits are made at a fraction of the cost. George's in Haringey stems from the long tradition of Greek tailors in Haringey and comes highly recommended. A bespoke suit can be made for between £700-800. If you don't even have that amount to spend, then Suit Supply in Vigo Street or any branch of Mark Stephen Marengo is your friend for a budget of £200-£400. Make sure you take these suits to a good alteration tailor though.


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