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Men's Fashion: Shirts

January 29th 2013

What: The Men's Fashion Edition: Shirts
When: NA
Where: Alexander Boyd

Alexander Boyd

Today we concentrate on the shirt. The shirt is oft ignored by wearers because it’s such a simple garment - collars, arms, body - and it is often hidden under a jumper or an outer jacket. Because it’s such a simple garment the devil as they say is in the detail. You can play around with the collars – from the Prince Michael of Kent full collar to the cut-away. You can play with the cuffs, French cuffs to James Bond cuffs. What may now be obvious to you is that you won’t see this wide variety of cuffs and collars in your local Next. If you are truly strapped for cash, then any branch of TM Lewin will do because of the wide choice of neck size and arm length combinations BUT a good alteration tailor is necessary. The body of the TM Lewin shirts are so baggy you might as well be wearing a kaftan with collars. If you really wish to go the extra mile and look the business with a bespoke shirt then Alexander Boyd on Artillery Lane in Spitalfields is not just your friend, he’s also your confidante and your wife. For the best of the rest, read this blog.

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