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Men's Fashion: The Watch

January 30th 2013

What: The Men's Fashion Edition: The Watch
When: NA
Where: David Duggan

Vintage Omega

Accessories maketh the man as they say. So it is not just enough to wear a bespoke suit from George’s with a nice shirt from Alexander Boyd. The timepiece has to be on point as well. Unfortunately a lot of misinformed punters believe that there is a positive correlation between the cost of a watch and its attractiveness. Though this may often the truth, some of the rather garish more expensive Franck Muller timepieces might make one reconsider that premise – £200,000 for a watch that wouldn’t look out of place on Take Me Out is not a watch to buy. In an article in GQ, David Gandy espoused the joys of buying vintage watches from eBay. You can go one further and visit David Duggan in Burlington Arcade if you wish to vouch for the watches authenticity. Vintage Rolexes, Patek Phillipe’s, IWC’s and Cartiers can be yours from £500 upwards with straps, boxes, servicing and repairs also on offer. In the same arcade is The Vintage Watch Company; these guys specialise strictly in Rolexes from the 1910s to the 1970s, they have a collection of 750 timepieces and their watches are sold with a 2 year guarantee. In fact they even have a sale on till the end of this month.


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