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Burger Stack, Malmaison

February 4th 2013

What: The Stack Burger
When: All day everyday
Where: Malmaison, Clerkenwell

Image courtesy of Cheeseburgerboy

Chances are you’ve already abandoned the New Year’s Resolution, lost your gym pass and eat hotdogs and milkshakes for breakfast. If that is the case then the next recommendation will serve you well; abandon the gym for just another day and visit any Malmaison to tuck in to the cholesterol filled Burger Stack. "Stacks on stacks on stacks, racks on racks on racks" as that great poet from Chicago Kanye West put it in one of his sonnets. The stack burger is an obscene creation, one little burger on top of another massive burger but with onion rings separating both burgers. All on a stick. It sounds basic enough but the actual main burger is a behemoth itself, a meal that would quite easily destroy you like Samson without his locks. The baby burger on top of this Goliath is no slouch in itself but let me give you the official description - 250g of patty with 28 day aged beef (that's actually a good thing), Gruyere cheese with bacon, lettuce onion and tomatoes. If that description doesn't do it for you, surely the picture should.

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