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Hoxton Market

February 6th 2013

What: Hoxton Market
When: Saturdays, 10am-6pm
Where: Hoxton Street, N1

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Hackney is a schizophrenic part of town, to your left are ‘60’s concrete grey tower blocks, it's home to a street nicknamed "Murder Mile" and is also one of the most deprived parts of town. But hold up, to your right is a new breed of dwellers; the moneyed City folk and "celebrities" Harry Styles and Agyness Deyn who now party in Dalston. Not long ago whilst queuing up for food in Dalston some characters with dyed hair, leather jeans and pierced noses walked in and ordered some rotis. Punks eat rotis now? They even managed to scare the Blacks and Turks with their outfits. Anyways Hoxton Market was a revelation – it's on the Shoreditch end and most active on a Saturday – the Jamaican mobile restaurant selling patties is what initially caught Bespokecity’s attention. But then there's also a barber, a pub, and Aso Rock a Nigerian restaurant. On the street were traders who sold everything from fruit to shoes - if you’re a fashionista who can’t quite afford Maison Martin Magiela, why not buy a very similar looking jacket at the specialist fashion market that's only open on Saturdays. But there is also a pie and mash shop, a Greek food shop, an antiques store and much more.

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