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Don't Be a Wasteman

May 6th 2014

So if we were to apply the parlance of these London streets we would fall under the category of 'wastemen'. Wantrapeneurs rather than entrepreneurs. How's your site doing? Oh, erm, you know, the developer’s on holiday (and several other weak excuses). It hurts to say it but we let life happen and neglected the goal. So what did I do to remedy the situation? I gave the wife time off and used the Bank Holiday wisely, I set time aside for research into mobile (you guys don't even touch your laptops anymore - mobile is the future don't you know). I'm constantly looking for reasons why people won't use Bespokecity so any issues can be fixed, please create an account and blast the site (well give a critical appraisal please). I’m also trying to organise collaborations with event organisers.
So that's how I spent my Bank Holiday, I didn't even go to Madame Tussauds. What have I learnt? As twee as it sounds, what if Bespokecity was what fed me and my family? How would I grind? Keep your eyes on the goal.


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