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A Tale of Three Breakfasts in LA

September 30th 2014

What: Breakfast
Where: West Hollywood

Apologies for the radio silence over the last month, Bespokecity was enjoying the sunshine with our cousins across the Atlantic - you can see some pics on Instagram here. Courtesy of airbnb, we stayed on the sanitised end of Hollywood Boulevard, away from the names of people etched in stone - a totally random tourist attraction if I’ve ever seen one. Now everyone knows Brits don’t play with breakfast, avoiding namby pamby Continental croissants and pastries and replacing those with delicacies with strange names such as Black Pudding and Bubble’n’Squeak. With this in mind we set forth in LA for our American version of a Full English.

The Griddle Cafe

The Griddle Cafe was our first port of call for breakfast. After negotiating the confusing parking signs and probably still parking in the wrong place (funny story, we actually got a ticket for parking facing the wrong direction) we managed to find The Griddle Cafe on Sunset Boulevard. On the first attempt on a Sunday, the queue for this spot was so long we actually thought there was an audition somewhere else and walked foolishly to the front of the queue. The food in this place is like a German wrestler – all muscle and no finesse. The portions were massive but like most American food there was no subtlety in the taste, just loads of dough and lashings of syrup. We had the industrial sized pancakes which were so heavy we used them as weights in our doggy bag as we walked back to the apartment. 6/10.

 The Waffle

The Waffle was the first place Bespokecity managed to eat after the horror of the long queue at The Griddle. There was still a queue but it wasn’t as gruesome – the Starbucks across the road sufficed in the heat as we anticipated our turn to be seated. The Waffle is not where one goes for the ambience and as the name suggests waffles are in the main what one will get. The food was okay but nothing to fly to LA for. 5/10.

 Blu Jam Cafe

And we come to Blu Jam Cafe on Melrose, our top choice for brunch in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles, the Abe Lincoln of breakfasts. Now Melrose Ave certainly didn’t look like it did on the TV, in fact it reminded one of the Tottenham Court Road end of Oxford Street, if Melrose was a fashion capital it would be Mogadishu. This did not translate to the brilliant Blu Jam Cafe though. The option to go for is the French toast with the vanilla dressing. We went for the option below, fruit and a burger, heaven and hell, not a combination I’ve ever seen but it worked a treat. Easily our top choice if you’re ever in LA. 8/10

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