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Saint Bartholomew The Great

April 13th 2015

What: Saint Bartholomew The Great
Where: Smithfield


Bespokecity was invited to a beautiful wedding this Saturday, so I had to don the suit, grey peak lapel suit no doubt, fresh black brogues and red Falke socks (a lot of the other guys wore no socks which seemed a tad funky to me). As Mrs Bespoke and I drove to the venue which seemed like a straightforward address in the City of London, the SatNav suddenly took us to a narrow warren of streets which led to the church of the wedding.

The church is truly a hidden gem, the entrance from Middle Street is not obvious, you walk through the church yard, go left and then you enter a very ornate, very atmospheric building through a door on basement level. Built in Norman times, the Priority Church of St Bartholomew is actually the oldest surviving church in London, the interior is dark with the only source of natural light coming in from the from the top windows which are set high adding a celestial feel to the church.




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