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Banya No 1

April 16th 2015

What: Banya No 1
Where: Shoreditch



So, the other day at work, the normal Monday conversation with a colleague of “how was weekend” that normally yields a non-committal cursory answer took quite the twist. For some reason my colleague decided to launch into detail of how she went somewhere where two big Russian men in shorts with big palm fronds (I think that’s what she said) beat her on her back while she lay in her bikini eating crayfish and drinking tea.

Confused? Indeed I was too until she explained that she was at a new Russian spa called Banya No 1. Apparently there are loads of places like this in Russia (are you surprised?), a spa with a difference where you can go into a steam room, get scrubbed from head to toe with honey and salt and get assaulted by Russians whilst drinking tea. Oh yeah, and pay for the privilege too...





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