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A Bespoke Tale - First Steps

September 23rd 2011

How difficult can it be to write a blog? An initially daunting prospect, the thought of having to engage and entertain but not so daunting when you’re sharing a passion and the concept is surprisingly simple.

For instance, it’s Friday night and you’ve got nothing to do yet again (not Bespokecity, we always have something to do). Either that or you wish to do something different to what you’ve always done. Or wonder where all the good looking guys go because all the guys at your regular haunts got married, added a few pounds or came out. Bespokecity lets you see what people like you are doing; they may be within your friendship circle, which probably means you'll probably still go to the same places with the chubby dudes. Or you can decide to filter your search by demographic in which case you'll have a wider choice of options of what to do and find somewhere or something you otherwise may not have heard of. It’s as easy as that so I’ll stop there.

The inspiration for the site came to me when I was in Paris for a month but I spoke no French and only had a Vietnamese friend from language school who spoke no English. Don’t ask what we talked about, talkless of how we communicated. After going to the Pompidou centre for the umpteenth time, playing basketball everyday under the metro at Glaciere, and nearly getting beaten up in the process by some French thug (story for another day),  I realised I had no way of knowing what to do in the city unless I could to speak to someone who knew Paris and who might share the same interests as me. Clearly the lack of French was also a barrier.

I ramble. It’s probably easier if the reader creates an account on and tells us what’s annoying and what we can do better. At the moment we’re in beta (nice word I picked up from these techie types – just means we’re testing it) and I’m currently toying with the idea of a cash prize for whoever joins and adds the most friends. Then I’ll tell the developers what to do next. This is a brief introduction - as the weeks go by I’ll update you with progress on the site, what catches my attention in the city and the frustrations and successes of being Black Zuckerberg.

Bespokecity is currently:


Hating:            Twitter’s TT policy -

Watching:        Educating Essex on Channel 4, very good


Eating at:         The Engineer, Primrose Hill

Listening to:     SBTRKT and Sampha, “Hold On”

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