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All about the Benjamins

July 4th 2012

Daily Idea (4th July 2012)

If you had a subpar education Independence Day probably means Will Smith to you. However our cousins across the pond will be celebrating freedom from the shackles of the Brits, their horrible food, constant sarcasm and bad teeth. There are several events going on in the capital, Ben's Canteen in Clapham is holding a special 4th of July dinner with American fare like corndogs and something called a "cheeseburger jerky" on the menu. Sticking with Bens, Benjamin Franklin House in Charing Cross will be hosting a party with cake and champagne between 12 noon and 2pm. Bubbly aside, Franklin actually lived and worked in this house for 16 years. The house was the site of the first ever US embassy in the UK, it retains most of its original Georgian features and is now a Grade I listed museum. Happy Indepedence Day to our American readers.

What: Benjamin Franklin House

Where: 36 Craven Street, Westminster, London - from Craven Street, Westminster, London - from Craven Stre36 Craven Street, Westminster, WC2N 5NG

When: 12pm-2pm today for the party, check website for tour times

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