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September 12th 2012

Spectacles have come a long way from just an aid for the short-sighted and have been a fashion accessory from as far back as we can remember, from John Lennon with his round-shaped metal frames to Dame Edna whose glasses need no explanation. The London College of Fashion hosts an exhibition called Framed, which charts the history of eyewear from the mid-twentieth century to today and also features experimental eyewear for the future by modern designers such as Erdem. There's a heavy Cutler and Gross involvement in the show, Cazal, favoured by everyone from Run-DMC to D'Banj here and the ubiquitous Ray-Bans favoured by, well, everyone... 

What: Framed! Contemporary Eyewear in Fashion
When: Today till 3 November 2012
Where: Fashion Space Gallery, W1G 0BJ


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