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Bassoon Bar

September 13th 2012

This bar fell into our sights when Bespokecity was once asked where a friend could impress a member of the fairer sex. The research led to the Bassoon bar at the relatively new Corinthia Hotel (which apparently boasts the largest spa in Europe or something but that’s an aside). The theme is art deco and the music jazz so the overall ambience is one of a posh 1920’s set up that Bugsy Malone may have had his base. Alas, the present day "molls" are likely to be guests in the hotel and the Bugsy Malone more a weary looking dad. The cocktails are also to die for apparently, however be prepared to pay between 10 and 15 pounds for a drink...yes, one drink. Unless you’re one of the new Euromillions winners, this one should be reserved for payday, birthdays, Valentines and Barmitzvahs.  Between 9pm and 1am there is live music and the featured musicians are listed on the website.

What: Bassoon Bar
When: Everyday
Where: Corinthia Hotel

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