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September 19th 2012

You may be forgiven for thinking you’re in an episode of The Antiques Roadshow when you get to the Lapada show which starts today. The only difference is that the clientele are a little less country and a little more, shall we say, wealthier. The entrance fee is 15 quid for starters and it’s in Berkeley Square which, correct us if we're wrong is in the priciest location on the monopoly board (Mayfair if you didn't know). It is now in its fourth year and features various art and antique dealers all under one roof. If you’ve just moved house or just wish to spruce up your place and the word recession means nothing to you then Lapada is the place to be from today till the 23rd.

What: Lapada Art and Antiques Fair
When: 19th to 23rd September
Where: Berkeley Square, Mayfair

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