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The President and the Pakistani

September 20th 2012

We had something else scheduled for today but in the course of reading the Evening Standard on the train this evening an article gripped the attention. Not many people know about Barack Obama's close friendships with three Pakistani guys, some forged while he was at Occidental College and some shortly after he left. Fewer still know of his room-mate while he lived in New York, Sohale Siddiqi, who ended up a drug addict, a fact surprisingly underplayed by the GOP given their philosophy of associating everything remotely Islamic as terrorism. A new play explores this particular friendship and their divergent fates, posing Obama's path as a carefully structured, calculated one to presidency - the reasons given however are dubious: he left his Australian girlfriend for a Black one and became more African-American. The play was written by a Evening Standard journalist so expect a right leaning bent to the story. The play opens on October the 3rd at The Waterloo East.

What: The President and the Pakistani
When: 3rd October to 4th November
Where: Waterloo East Theatre

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