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The Weekend

September 21st 2012

We start with two things you already know about - London Fashion Weekend and Open House 2012. The suburbs are very well represented this weekend, the Craft Fair in Balham and the monthly Vintage Fair in Hampstead are on this Sunday. If beer is your thing, Oktoberfest started in Kennington yesterday and finishes on Sunday. The Beggar's Banquet is an interesting concept, a five course meal made up of food that restaurants have had to give away - not sure what your date will make of it. Surprisingly enough, it's been a year since Westfield Stratford was built, their first birthday will include different events and performances. Talking about performances, street dance competition Serious about Streetdance is on at The Indigo02 on Sunday. The Hewett Street Block Party with food, music and art is on this Saturday. Try and get a ticket for Kofi Annan's talk at The South Bank next weekend. All very safe stuff so far...for the feminists who read this, the Slutwalk is on tomorrow (great cause, unfortunate name).

What: The Weekend in London
When: The Weekend
Where: Everywhere in London

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