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Street Feast

September 27th 2012

Street Feast is back. They've had a few legal wrangles but they're now going to be at the Hackney Downs Studios after being in Brick Lane for a while. Street Feast is a unique experience; between 5pm and 12am on Friday (yes, you read that right), there will be 16 food stalls serving food as diverse as hot dogs to jerk chicken to a roti cooked right in front of your eyes. Not only can you roam around whilst you masticate your roti, you can also enjoy live music, arts and crafts and also a movie. It will take some very amazing music to divert peoples' attentions away from jerk chicken, but there you go. The idea is to have a residency at The Hackney Downs Studios over the autumn and winter.

What: Street Feast, Hackney Downs Studios
When: 28th September 2012
Where: Hackney Downs Studios

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