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Jesus would have voted Democrat

October 1st 2012

With the US election date looming and Mitt Romney doing his best to lose by dropping more gaffes than Prince Phillip, the guys from Intelligence Squared are back again with another thought provoking question. This one is at Chelsea Old Town Hall and explores the idea that Jesus would have stood with his fellow man, redistributing wealth, advocating free and universal healthcare for all and generally would not have been down for rich Republicans who think 47% of Americans are spongers. But hold on I hear you say - some of those liberal ideas sound a tad bit erm, unbiblical. Would he have been down with da gays? And didn't he say if you don't work, you shouldn't eat? Former UK ambassador to the US, Christopher Meyer is one of the speakers and is unhelpfully standing in the middle and taking the stance that the big man upstairs would have been a swing voter. Buy tickets now for the debate on the 29th of October.

What: Jesus would have voted Democrat
When: 29th October 2012
Where: Chelsea Old Town Hall

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