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All Cows Should Be Happy Cows

October 4th 2012

No, we haven't taken leave our senses. Today's idea will only work if you a) Work in Zone 1 in London b) Have a Twitter account and c) Don't mind eating ice-cream on a not so hot day. Ben and Jerry's, ice-cream makers extraordinaire have decided to launch their new flavour called Cow Power by driving an ice cream float around central London between 9am and 4pm and delivering a tub of ice cream to the office of anyone who tweets "I believe all cows should be happy cows @BenandJerrysUK #cowpower". That tweet should be followed by the company name of the person or team that tweeted that. In all it sounds quite complicated and you may be better off just buying a tub yourself but if you're one of those people who play the national lottery and live in hope every day, surely this is one for you.

What: All Cows Should be Happy Cows
When: 4th October
Where: Zone 1

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