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Bounce London

October 10th 2012

What: Bounce London
When: Every Day
Where: Holborn

What's better than a spot of whiff-whaff to get the legs going? What's better than whiff-whaff on its own?  Some whiff-whaff with some alcohol. In his attempt to rewrite history, our beloved mayor proclaimed that table tennis evolved from something called whiff-whaff which was played by the English landed gentry in the 19th century. With no regard as to if table tennis was invented by Boris' posh ancestors or some guys in China, the guys at Bounce London, a bar in Holborn, have decided to just make it fun. 18 ping-pong tables in the main room, a VIP room with 3 tables if you wish to get extra erm..whiffy (sorry), a gin and cocktails menu and a pizza restaurant. Actually sounds like a novel place to take a date... is here in (very early) Beta. Create an account, invite your friends and give us feedback

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