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Brixton Windmill

October 24th 2012

What: Brixton Windmill
When: 28th October
Where: 22 Blenheim Gardens, SW2 5BZ

This one may come as a left-of-centre option but Brixton does indeed have a windmill. It may not be visible from Electric Avenue or Coldharbour Lane but it does exist. The story goes that the windmill was built in order to meet the public's desire for "white flour". Now, of course a different "white flour" pervades certain parts of Brixton's streets and the "mills" are based in far flung places of South America. Before we digress, a little more about the place - it's open only 22 days of the year because of its nature and its age; October 28th is the last day it is open this year. Send a message here to tell them you'd like to come or wait till April next year if you can't make it this weekend.

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