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Affordable Art Fair

October 25th 2012

What: Affordable Art Fair
When: 25th - 28th October Battersea, 1st - 4th November Hampstead
Where: Battersea and Hampstead

You too can own a Matisse or a Degas, a Titian or a Veronese but unfortunately it won't be the real thing unless you're either rolling in oil money, you just won El Gordo or the Euromillions or are related to an African despot. But not buying a lottery ticket should not stop the average pleb from beautifying his abode with art and the Affordable Art Fair sees to that. The fair opens today for 3 days in Battersea Park with original works of art ranging from £40 to £4,000. The organisers have also done something most North Londoners have been calling for - a total schism between North and South London - the Northerners have their own event the following week in Hampstead so they don't have to fraternise with the rowdy Southerners. Click here for dates, times and ticket information.

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