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Intelligence Squared Debates

October 30th 2012

What: Intelligence Squared Debates
When: 1st and 7th November
Where: Emanuel Centre and the Royal Institution

Bespokecity doesn’t just recommend bars and other frivolous events. We also aim to educate, stretch the mind and liberate the grey matter from the onslaught of X-Factor, Strictly and 50 Shades of Grey. Derek Walcott certainly did not watch the St. Lucian version of X-Factor on his journey to becoming a Nobel Laureate, so why numb your mind? November’s round of Intelligence Squared debates look quite interesting – on the 7th November the title of the debate is “Western Liberal Democracy would be wrong for China?” The Western media would have us believe that the liberal democratic model works best but Singapore would not have been what it is today without the one party rule of Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore and neither would South Korea have developed rapidly without strong man Park Chung-hee. The 14th of November’s debate at The Royal Institution delves into more controversial territory ““Hitler’s Pope”: Pius XII did too little to save the Jews from the Holocaust”. The title is pretty self explanatory – many felt that Pius XII stayed silent whilst the Jews were persecuted during his tenure. The other school of thought argue that his hands were tied given the circumstances and he saved many Jews in Italy and across Europe.


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