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Red Velvet

October 31st 2012

What: Red Velvet
When: Till November 24
Where: Tricycle Theatre

Off to the theatre we go with Adrian Lester of TV Hustle fame in a new play at The Tricycle Theatre called Red Velvet. The play is based on a true story - Ira Aldridge, an African-American actor left racist 19th century US for the welcoming shores of England - clearly he hadn't heard of John Terry or Luis Suarez. He replaces Edward Keen in the role of Othello and that's where the less confrontational, institutionalised, some call it "friendly" British version of subtle racism starts to rear its head as theatre critics can't understand why a Black actor is playing erm...a Black character. By all accounts, Lester acquits himself very well in the role, possibly because his wife directs the play. One can only imagine the scenes at home if Lester messes up a performance. Red Velvet is at the Tricycle theatre till the 24th of November.


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