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November 7th 2012

What: SushiSamba
When: See website
Where: Heron Tower, Bishopsgate

If you watch the news just before Match of the Day you may sometimes hear these words - “if you don’t wish to know the scores look away now”. Or you may get a warning before Channel 4 News (it almost invariably always is Channel 4) decide to show some gruesome pictures of limbs hanging off in a war torn area or at the very least warn you of flash photography due to some paps chasing Harry or Kate or another talentless X-Factor star-today-pauper-tomorrow. The same rules of engagement should be applied to bars and restaurants, perhaps a noise at a different frequency only audible to the payer as he approaches a particularly pricey or rubbish establishment “if you don’t wish to be penniless after this date, walk away now”. SushiSamba may well fall into this category if you don’t have deep pockets. It’s on the 38th and 39th floors of Heron Tower in Bishopsgate, so the views of the City make up for having to sit next to bankers. Taking a date here for drinks will definitely impress; the glass lifts, the décor, the view – if nothing progresses after this date you either suffer from severe halitosis or she was just using you for your money.

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