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Cork Street

November 15th 2012

What: Cork Street Galleries
When: Anytime
Where: Cork Street, W1S 3NG

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Today’s idea has a serious side to it if you’re a lover of art. Cork Street is under pressure from the Pace’s, the Zwirner’s, the Werner’s, three new galleries which opened in September and which we happily touted in a previous Daily Idea. Although it is a bougie part of town, the galleries here represent the democratisation of the art world with most open to the general public. Bespokecity first stumbled on Cork Street after a visit to The Royal Academy and was impressed with the fact that you could walk into the less threatening galleries even though we only had enough change to buy a bacon sandwich. However, the street is set to go the same way as Fleet Street, once the bastion of the press, now home to the banks - the property developers have decided to buy up Cork Street. There are two multimillion pound proposals that involve retail and gallery space; inevitably some of the current galleries will lose their leases as developers house tenants with deeper pockets once the developments are completed. Before this happens, Bespokecity implores you to take a walk down Cork Street before it becomes another example of the loss of character and individuality UK high streets currently face. Whilst you’re at it sign the petition to save the affected galleries here.


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